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The easy way to combine and access your pension from age 55. We offer a range of pension solutions that offer our clients flexibility and control to ensure the best outcome for their pension fund.
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Combine old pensions into one new plan. It is so easy to transfer and combine all your old pensions into one place for a brighter financial future. As your pension is likely to be your second largest asset after your home, this is vitally important.

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Pension provision for a spouse on the death of a member is often at the forefront of our client’s mind. With a final salary scheme, the loss of a spouse also results in a loss of income, ordinarily 50%. With a pension transfer it is possible to pass on 100% of the fund to provide a spouse pension.

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With the average person having 11 jobs in their lifetime, it's easy to lose track of your old workplace pensions. We’ll help you find and consolidate them into a new pension plan tailored to your needs to make your money work harder for your retirement.


The estimated value of unclaimed pensions in the UK


The average value of pensions that people lose track of


Value of lost pensions has increased 75% over the last 4 years