A Helping Hand – Food and Clothes Bank – Costa Blanca

We are proud to support this amazing charity and we urgently need your help. A HELPING HAND support over 600 people, including children that are in poverty and in crisis and they urgently need food and clothes donations from you.

Through no fault of their own these people are struggling to survive and the Spanish welfare system is virtually non-existent. A Helping Hand look after Spanish families who find themselves in poverty along with families who have fled Ukraine that desperately need your help. If you can imagine for one minute what it must be like to have to queue up each week at a food bank in order to feed your family, then you will know these people really are desperate. No-one would put themselves through that indignity if they had a choice.

There is a constant need for help with simply the basic staples such as tuna, toilet paper, milk, tinned food, pasta, rice, soup mix, baked beans, olive oil.They also need hygiene items such as washing detergent, shower gel, shampoo as well as baby items needed are nappies, hero baby milk 1 and 2 and baby wipes.Each week they try to give each family on their list the following basic bag:Tuna, Toilet paper ×2, Carton of milk, Tomato frito, Tinned tomatoes 1 Pasta 1 Rice, 1 Soup Mix, some Lentils or the Beans in glass jar and Baked beans.

When receiving packets of ham, cheese slices, yoghurts etc they divide these so that they distributed to multiple familiesAs well as feeding families, they are always looking for clothes, men’s jumpers in particular. Any clothing you no longer need, please donate it to this wonderful charity.

Every year the task becomes harder as more families want to join the list and resources are scarce. They are hoping to be able to provide for as many families as they possibly can and really ask you to please spare a thought and give what you can. You can drop off your donation to their base in San Luis on Tuesday or Friday morning from 10am until 1pm or at over 20 drop off places around the area – There are many bars and restaurants that support the charity.

Their address is Av. Deva, 315, 03184 El Chaparral, AlicanteIf you look at their Facebook page you can see the various drop off points as well as keeping up to date with the latest stories. As the message on their Facebook page says “Always Help Someone – You Might Be The Only One That Does”.

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